We’re here to power Direct Care and make it the new standard

Founded with an exclusive focus on the Direct Care movement, Hint has been working with trail blazing physicians to automate their administration workflows since 2013.

Our team is deeply passionate about this new care delivery model, which we see as the only viable solution to today’s skyrocketing costs and terrible health outcomes.

We're a blend of technology and healthcare veterans on a mission to free providers to make great healthcare accessible and affordable.


  1. Be transparent

    We are open by default and communicate transparently with our team, customers, partners, and investors.

  2. Learn continuously

    We create an environment where people can admit they don’t know things. We strive to teach others, and we have an attitude of continuous improvement.

  3. Be deliberate

    We examine how we spend our time and are thoughtful about how we decide to focus our limited energy. We do fewer things and we do them better.

  4. Embrace health

    We make decisions as a company that improve health outcomes for ourselves and others.


  • Zak Holdsworth


  • Graham Melcher


  • Michael Lubin

    VP Sales & Business Development

  • Tasha Demkiw

    Director of Customer Success

  • Jonathan Avida

    Senior Director of Product

  • Nora Goldfield

    Operations Manager

  • Greg Hilkert

    Software Engineer

  • Paul Lacey

    Senior Director of Marketing

  • Blake West

    Software Engineer